dinner afare chadds ford 12 meals 2 hours SimpleDinner Afare Chadds Ford 12 meals 2 hours Simple

Chadds Ford Dinner A'fare

How it works

At The Dinner A' Fare you won't find a menu filled with casseroles and pre-cooked or frozen ingredients.

Our menu and The Dinner A' Fare concept is built around "FRESH," and we strive to provide the highest quality fresh ingredients. We specialize in hand-cut pork chops and pork tenderloins, Black Angus aged beef, fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts, and delicious pastas. We also participate in The Sustainable Seafood Program as our way of keeping a healthy ocean environment.

Our customers appreciate our extra effort, and you will love the difference.

- The Chadds Ford Dinner A'Fare Team

The Concept

The Dinner A'Fare is a gourmet studio kitchen with meal prep stations complete with recipes, fresh ingredients, and spices.

We make dinnertime less stressful by providing a more convenient way for you to create home-cooked meals. In just two hours you can make 12 dishes that have either 1-3 or 4-6 servings each.

We pre-slice, dice, and chop everything you'll need! Take the meals home, put them in your freezer, and cook (following provided instructions) the dishes according to your schedule. We provide a menu with a variety of flavors. Each month the available dishes change. Our dishes and monthly combinations are developed with nutrition, high-quality food, and variety in mind.

How We Help

The staff at The Dinner A' Fare will:

  • Freshly prepare the ingredients for each recipe - no need for you to peel or chop
  • Provide a Demonstration for new customers and assist all customers with direction, questions or concerns during their visit
  • Wash the dishes and clean the kitchen
  • Happy to assist customers to their cars with their purchased items.

At The Dinner A'Fare we:

  • Offer quality recipes that have been tested to ensure the highest standards
  • Provide a kitchen that has a permit from the Health Department and staff members that have Food Service Managers certificates
  • Provide refrigeration for your dishes during your event

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